Flooded Basement Cleanup Michigan

We provide emergency Basement Flood clean up assistance for unexpected Flooded basement damage of all kinds, ranging from minor plumbing leaks to major plumbing bursts, Our flooded basement Cleanup Services handle all sewage backups, toilet and bath overflows, sump pump failures and frozen and broken pipe repairs and cleanup here in Michigan. Fast flood cleanup 24/7 call Select Restoration anytime at 855-791-3900

Basement Flood Cleanup Procedures

Our certified and experienced basement flood cleanup specialists have a deep experience in extracting water and sewage from commercial and residential basements. Our proven water damage mitigation process includes:

  • Containing the affected area to prevent the spread of damage
  • Preserving, and in some cases removing, personal property and building contents for off site protection
  • Extracting, and safely disposing of, all standing water and bulk sewage
  • During the course of a water cleanup, it’s not unusual to encounter mildew, mold, or fungi growth. Mold—especially toxic mold—not only weakens the integrity of structural elements, it poses health risks to inhabitants. Learn More: Mold Removal
  • Select Restoration is a full service restoration service company www.selectrestoration.com

Structural Drying Services For Michigan Flooded Basements

After the water removal is complete, it’s essential to dry the flooded basement immediately to prevent fungi and mold growth, which can both weaken structures and adversely affect the health of occupants. Our Michigan structural drying specialists can dry your wet flooded basement in 3 days or less To Learn More Go To: Structural Drying

Reconstruction Services For Flooded Basements

Once we’ve effectively dried all water-damaged areas, we are able to begin reconstructing the property. Because some water damage destroys parts of buildings—walls, floors, ceilings—those aspects must be fully reconstructed, rebuilt, repaired, and refinished to restore the property to mint condition. Learn More: Reconstruction

During the reconstruction phase of a water damage mitigation, while the building’s structural elements are being repaired and rebuilt, we may discover asbestos. In that event, our certified asbestos abatement specialists will properly remove, and dispose of, asbestos to protect the health of inhabitants.  www.asbestosabatementteam.com

Water Extraction Services for flooded basements

No natural disaster causes more damage to American homes and property each year than flooding, costing billions of dollars and leaving priceless family heirlooms or mementos ruined. While a flood ……Read More:  Water Extraction